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    CHGK Lead-screw Adjustable Turning Roll
    Product Category:CHGK Lead-screw Adjustable Turning Roll
    We are the council member of China Welding Association
    Product Details

    Welding turning roll, which is mainly used for the welding, sanding, line with rubber and assembling of cylinder, is divided into self-alignment type, adjustable type, moving type, anti-drift type, etc. Metallic roller, combination of metallic and rubber roller and PU roller are roller material options for customer.
    Self-alignment type can be aligned by itself according to the size of cylinder. Adjustable type can be adjusted by lead-screw or bolt shifting.
    We also can design and manufacture according to customers' requirements.

    Main Technical Parameter:

    Model Max loading(t) Working range(mm) Roller sizes(D×W)(mm) Motor power(kw) Roller linear speed(m/h)
    Rubber Metallic
    CHGK2 2 ¢180-2100 ¢200×80 ¢190×16 0.18×2 6-60 VFD
    CHGK5 5 ¢250-3000 ¢250×100 ¢240×20 0.37×2
    CHGK10 10 ¢320-3800 ¢300×120 ¢290×38 0.55×2
    CHGK20 20 ¢400-4200 ¢350×120 ¢340×45 1.1×2
    CHGK40 40 ¢600-4500 ¢400×120 ¢390×60 1.5×2
    CHGK60 60 ¢700-5000 ¢450×120 ¢440×70 1.5×2
    CHGK80 80 ¢700-5500 ¢500×120 ¢494×80 2.2×2
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