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    The H type welding workstation
    Product Category:The H type welding workstation
    We are the council member of China Welding Association
    Product Details

    ●Centralize the assembly, welding and straightening functions on one machine; Save space and economize workshop;
    ●Reduce workflows; shorten the production time and improve the efficiency;
    ●Economize the investment of crane equipment and operator;

    Main Tchnical Parameter

    Model ZHJ18
    Web sizes Height(mm) 200-1800
    Thickness(mm) 6-32
    Flange sizes Width(mm) 200-800
    Thickness(mm) 6-40
    Straightening thickness(mm) 6-25
    Flletl height(mm) ≤8
    Work- pice length(mm) 4000-15000
    Feeding speed(m/min) 0.2-2(VFD)
    Input conveyor(m) 2.6m(3conveyor, each 2.6m (one powered))
    Output conveyor(m) 11.5m(including it conveyor)
    Machine power(kw) 18.1
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